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Why should Vinax be the first option to Treat Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Vinax is the First Liposomal Iron tablet in Egypt, which means it is a magical formula to increase ferritin levels four folds higher than any other traditional Iron known before.

In Vinax, Every ferric pyrophosphate has covered by a phospholipid bilayer membrane. That is composed of sunflower lecithin and sucrester matrix.

All of them are coated with a layer of tricalcium phosphate, starch forming a liposome that can stand against the decomposition of the gastrointestinal fluids.

According to the analysis data of Pharmaceutical 2018”.  Only less than 5% of ferric Iron were released within the stomach from the liposome after 30 to 120 mins.”.

Better news yet to come is that even when reaching the intestine and being absorbed through it in a vesicle-like structure without any side effects on the intestinal mucosa!

More importantly, Vinax is safe during pregnancy, After labor, and for patients suffering from gastric ulcers, and even sensitive GIT.

Vinax is the first liposomal iron in the form of tablets in Egypt

All that in one package containing three strips of 10 tablets each, the monthly requirement in a very economical Price only 111  LE.  

Each Vinax tablet contains: