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Niramar Vaginal wash

Using Niramar vaginal wash, Women would enjoy the protection against:

 * Bacterial Vaginosis.

 * Trichomoniasis.

 * Chlamydia.

 * Candida Vaginitis.

 * Vaginitis following using IUD or other oral contraceptives.

 * Atrophic vaginitis.

Also, Niramar would be the perfect recommendation for ordinary care in postpartum cases, after menopause and even in honeymoon.

Here comes the best part, Niramar comes at a very competitive price of 45 LE 

Incorporating Niramar in your feminine care recommendation provides the patient with:

 * Powerful Antibiotic protection against many bacterial attacks.

 * Colonization Facilitation of normal Vaginal flora

 * Maintain the normal vaginal PH.

 * Potent Anti Inflammatory benefit.

 * The great soothing and cooling sensation that fights itching & irritation. By inhibition of histidine decarboxylase enzymes.

 * Deodorizing and cleaning excess discharge.

 * Enrich the sensitive area’s moisturization.

Niramar contains: