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Vigoton Plus

Meet the perfect formula of Vigoton Plus from Octabiotic Pharma, to obtain all our requirements while consuming the minimal dosages, For your Eyes, Immunity, Fertility, concentration and many more.

We Octabiotic pharma, knowing the importance of achieving this equation, worked on a VIGOTON Plus formula to encapsulate all the daily requirements within only one tablet!

VIGOTON Plus is an OTC product that can easily be dispensed through pharmacies or added to prescriptions to enrich patient welfare.

VIGOTON Plus tips the scales, providing the exact need of the elements required daily using nutraceutical techniques, with a mind-blowing price of 190 LE per 30 capsules.

Vigoton Plus has the highest concentration of omega 3 and folic acids between known multivitamins

Each VIGOTON Plus tablet contains: