What are the components of vigoton?

Each tablet of Vigoton contains:

  • - 70 mcg of selenium.

  • - 500 mg of omega-3.

  • - 1.2 mg of beta-carotene.

  • - 15 mg of vitamin E.

  • - 100 mg of vitamin C.

  • - 400 mcg of folic acid.

  • - 25 mcg of biotin.

  • - 11 mg of zinc.

  • - 45 mcg of molybdenum.

  • - 100 mg of bioflavonoids.

Is Vigoton Safe for Pregnancy?

Yes, Vigoton is safe during pregnancy from its inception. It is recommended by obstetricians and gynecologists, even for women who wish to become pregnant during the preparation period before fertilization.

Is Vigoton safe for children?

Vigoton can be taken safely from the age of 10 years.

Is Vigoton Safe for Elder Adults?

Yes, They should stick to taking vigoton daily, To increase their immunity, protect peripheral nerves, and strengthen eyesight, besides many other benefits.


Except in case of chronic disease, We recommend consulting your doctor before taking any dietary supplement daily.

Is Marigreek Safe for Babies?

Marigreek is formulated especially for lactation. Therefore, it is 100% safe for your baby and even adds to its health and construction, Besides adding to the mother's health.

How effective is Octa Spray?

Octa Spray from Octabiotic Pharma is alcohol that we routinely need to disinfect hands and surfaces during this period of Covid-19, and it is safe on the skin with a refreshing strawberry scent.

Is Totta Calcium safe to take during pregnancy?

Yes, and even because it contains magnesium and calcium, which are necessary for the bones of the mother and fetus, and to prevent the annoying muscle cramps that are famous during pregnancy. In addition to vitamin D, many ladies suffer its deficiency during pregnancy and lactation.


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