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Charcoal Capsules

Indigestion and GIT problems are considered recurrent disturbances that affect many Egyptians. There is at least one  family member who could suffer bloating and colon issues.

Here comes Charocoal from Octabiotic pharma, Activated coconut charcoal, which ensures a smooth experience that covers both efficacy and taste.

ِThe activated porous coconut charcoal ensures high adsorption of gasses on its surface, Eliminating the flatulence and nauseating effect resulting from accumulating all these gasses in your GIT.


Charcoal is capsulated so that you don’t have to deal with the bas taste of coal or any undesired flavor.

Charcoal Capsule is presented in one package containing 20 capsules  in a very reasonable Price of 75 LE.

Two or three doses daily are enough to rest your colon in peace for the whole day and enjoy the refreshing aftertaste of coconut.

Each Charcoal Capsule contains: