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Gamabion Tablets

Vitamin B is not a traditional vitamin you add to your Diet just to be healthier, Boost their immune system or to look better.

Vitamin B is significant to many people, Especially those who suffer from Neurological Disorders like peripheral nerve inflammation, Diabetes, and Sciatica, and even for healthy people who can’t obtain Vitamin B12 in their nutrition, Like vegetarians and vegans.

So, Here is Our innovation Gamabion tablets, Which contain the three main vitamin B’s in their adequate concentrations formulated in a liposomal tablet which guarantees obtaining the highest efficacy that is even equivalent to vitamin B injections while achieving the highest secure effect on the stomach as the whole absorption is done through the intestine.

Gamabion tablets presented in one package containing three strips of 10 tablets each in a very reasonable Price of 96 LE.

Each Gamabion Tablet contains: