Here comes Charocoal from Octabiotic pharma, Activated coconut charcoal, which ensures a smooth experience that covers both efficacy and taste.


Argecta offers a highly effective yet safe formula to enhance your endurance and uphold optimal performance, ensuring your heart, circulation, and focus remain in excellent health and wellness.

Vigoton Plus

Don't we all need to have our bodies nourished, refreshed, And immune? So we always seek the perfect formula of Vigoton Plus from Octabiotic Pharma, to obtain all our requirements while consuming the minimal dosages.


Vitamin B became a significant supplement for many people aiming for better nerves and overall health. Gamabion is their best solution. It contains Vitamins B1, B6, and B12 in their adequate concentration, that compensates the need for vitamin B injections.


Whatever category the patient falls in, TotaCal would be an ideal match for the case. For the elderly, women after menopause, bodybuilders, nutrients, pregnant and breastfeeding women.


The perfect Iron combination, Vinax is safe during pregnancy, After labor, and for patients suffering from gastric ulcers, and even sensitive GIT


Marigreek from octabiotic pharma is the ideal lactation mate, As it satisfies all the needs of its clients from all aspects: Efficacy, safety, Economics

Salgy Cream

It is well known how important it is to use a topical massage cream like Salgy for skeletal muscle treatment at any Orthopedic or Physiotherapist prescription.

Niramar Vaginal wash

Niramar would be the perfect recommendation for ordinary care in postpartum cases, after menopause and even in honeymoon

Octa Spray

It is a distinguished fact that we need a powerful disinfectant for all surfaces can be safely used on daily bases. To recover and prevent viral diseases, especially the Covid-19 Pandemic nightmare.